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Photo courtesy of Alexander County Government

Deadline Nears For Prospective Voters To Register For Primary

The deadline is approaching for citizens to register to vote in the upcoming primary. According to a news release from Alexander County Government, for the 2024 primary election, Friday, February 9 is the last day to register for people who are not already registered in their county of residence and who want to vote on primary election day (March 5) instead of during the early voting period. This is also the deadline for registered voters to change their party affiliation.

In a partisan primary, voters affiliated with a political party may only vote on their party’s ballot and may not vote in another party’s primary. For example, a registered Republican may only vote in the Republican Party primary. Unaffiliated voters may choose the ballot of any party that has a primary. The following political parties have primaries: Democratic, Libertarian, and Republican. The No Labels Party and Green Party do not have primaries in 2024.

While same-day registration and voting is available for people during the early voting period from February 15 through March 2, people who vote on the day of the primary election must already be registered. For more information, contact the Alexander County Board of Elections at or (828) 632-2990, or visit