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CVCC Boasts 88 Student Athletes On Academic Lists

CVCC Boasts 88 Student Athletes on Academic Lists

The Catawba Valley Community College athletic department announces that 88 of its Red Hawk student athletes have been named to either the President’s List and/or Athletic Director’s List for the 2021-22 school year.

In order to qualify for each list, Red Hawk student athletes must obtain a 3.75 to 4.0 GPA to be named to the President’s List and a 3.2 to 3.74 to earn Athletic Director’s List recognition.

“I am proud of all our athletic accomplishments this season, but I am extremely proud of the work our student-athletes have put forth in the classroom,” said Nick Schroeder, executive director of Student Life & Athletics at CVCC. “We put an emphasis on academics in our program and it is exciting to see it come to fruition through these accolades the students have earned.”

By sport, 28 baseball players, 17 softball players, 12 Esports gamers, 10 volleyball players, nine women’s basketball players, eight bass fishing anglers and four men’s basketball players were honored by Catawba Valley Community College.

Twenty-two Red Hawk student athletes were named to the President’s List this spring and 38 were named to the President’s List in the fall, while 29 Catawba Valley student athletes made the Athletic Director’s List in spring and 27 were on the Athletic Director’s List in the fall.

Sixteen of those Red Hawk student athletes making the President’s List were repeat recipients in both the fall and spring semester, while 12 CVCC student athletes earned Athletic Director’s List honors both semesters.

Below is the complete breakdown by sport and semester for the President’s and Athletic Director’s Lists:

CVCC Academic Awards

President’s List (3.75 to 4.0)
Lane Bailey – Bass Fishing (spring)
Matt Beisecker – Baseball (fall, spring)
Nathan Brown – Men’s Basketball (fall)
Noah Carter – Baseball (fall, spring)
Walker Case – Baseball (spring)
Jordan Davis – Baseball (fall, spring)
Nathan Dellinger – Bass Fishing (spring)
Andrew Dye – Baseball (spring)
Elizabeth Eller – Softball (fall)
Nick Everhart – Esports (fall, spring)
Carter Gibson – Volleyball (fall, spring)
Remi Gno – Esports (fall, spring)
Braden Graham – Men’s Basketball (fall, spring)
Bryson Hammer – Baseball (fall)
Gracie Harrington – Volleyball (fall)
Grant Harris – Bass Fishing (fall)
Kendall Harwood – Softball (fall)
Rylie Hogg – Women’s Basketball (fall)
Bradley Jamison – Esports (fall, spring)
Jackie Jimenez – Baseball (fall)
Jordan Joyner – Women’s Basketball (fall)
Kenley Killian – Volleyball (fall, spring)
Alyssa Kropski – Softball (fall)
Trey Lambert – Baseball (fall)
Reece Landmark – Baseball (fall, spring)
Javelyn Lewis – Women’s Basketball (fall)
JD Lewis – Baseball (fall)
Caleb Lonca – Bass Fishing (fall)
Jonah Milchuck – Baseball (fall)
Juan Moreno – Baseball (fall)
Kiana Mullner – Softball (fall, spring)
Grace Nelson – Volleyball (fall)
Lucas Oliver – Bass Fishing (spring)
Lillie Pennington – Softball (fall, spring)
Justin Poris – Baseball (fall)
Brooke Rowland – Volleyball (fall, spring)
Hector Santamaria – Esports (spring)
Zan Saunders – Esports (fall)
Alex Simmons – Esports (fall)
Abigail Smith – Volleyball (fall, spring)
Keziah Soogrim – Women’s Basketball (fall)
Masashi Takegama – Baseball (fall, spring)
Sam Walker – Baseball (fall, spring)
Walker Waters – Baseball (fall)

Athletic Director List (3.20 to 3.74)
Max Agnew – Baseball (fall)
Amber Barker – Volleyball (fall)
Brianna Broome – Softball (fall, spring)
Nathan Brown – Men’s Basketball (spring)
Brent Byler – Baseball (fall)
Walker Case – Baseball (fall)
Delaney Conner – Volleyball (fall)
Chance Daquilla – Baseball (spring)
Jadiah Dieringer – Esports (spring)
Andrew Dye – Baseball (fall)
Addison Elander – Esports (fall)
Elizabeth Eller – Softball (spring)
Donavon Ervin – Esports (spring)
Gracie Harrington – Volleyball (spring)
Grant Harris – Bass Fishing (spring)
Kendall Harwood – Softball (spring)
Rylie Hogg – Women’s Basketball (spring)
Carson Hudgins – Softball (spring)
Beyonce Jones – Women’s Basketball (fall)
Jillian Jones – Softball (fall, spring)
Hunter Keller – Bass Fishing (fall)
Casey Knighton – Esports (spring)
Alyssa Kropski – Softball (spring)
Kyliee Lapham – Softball (spring)
Cody Lawing – Esports (fall)
JD Lewis – Baseball (spring)
Caleb Lonca – Bass Fishing (spring)
Quincy Martin – Men’s Basketball (fall, spring)
Dremah Mason – Women’s Basketball (fall, spring)
Bailey McGinnis – Baseball (fall, spring)
Luke Motter – Baseball (fall)
Grace Nelson – Volleyball (spring)
Cora Olivares – Softball (fall, spring)
Kyle Raynor – Baseball (fall)
Lane Rhodes – Baseball (fall, spring)
Sean Seale – Baseball (fall, spring)
Alex Simmons – Esports (spring)
Mia Simmons – Softball (fall, spring)
Kensley Southers – Softball (fall)
Jordan Spearman – Baseball (fall, spring)
Essence Sumner – Women’s Basketball (fall)
Payton Thomas – Softball (fall, spring)
Makayla Weaver – Women’s Basketball (fall)
Kaylee Yoder – Softball (fall, spring)

By sport
Baseball – 28 (16 on President’s List, 12 on AD’s List)
Softball – 17 – (5 on President’s List, 12 on AD’s List)
Esports – 12 (6 on President’s List, 6 on AD’s List)
Volleyball – 10 (6 on President’s List, 4 on AD’s List)
Women’s basketball – 9 (4 on President’s List, 5 on AD’s List)
Bass fishing – 8 (5 on President’s List, 3 on AD’s List)
Men’s basketball – 4 (2 on President’s List, 2 on AD’s List)