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COVID-19 Vaccine Available Soon For Those 75 And Older In Catawba County

COVID-19 Vaccine Available Soon For Those 75 And Older In Catawba County

As the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS) moves into Phase 1B of its statewide COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan, Catawba County residents who are 75 and older and are not residing in a long-term care facility will soon be able to make appointments to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Catawba County residents age 75 and older may schedule an appointment for vaccination one of the following ways:

Patients of Catawba Valley Medical Group (CVMG) can check the website or call the Catawba Valley Health System Vaccine Line at 828-326-3993 for vaccine information. CVMG vaccination administration will begin the week of January 11.

Individuals who have an independently-owned provider, do not have a regular medical provider or prefer to receive the vaccination through Public Health may call Catawba County Public Health’s COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Line at 828-695-6650 to set up an appointment. The appointment line will be available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. beginning January 5.

When an appointment is made, callers will be provided with the date, time and location of their appointment. Individuals will also be advised on what information they may need to bring with them to their appointment. There is currently no cost to the patient when receiving COVID-19 vaccine through Public Health. Appointments are only for Catawba County residents.

Because the COVID-19 vaccine requires two shots that are spaced several weeks apart, an appointment for a person’s second vaccination will be scheduled when they receive their first shot.

Long-term care residents and staff, including residents age 75 and older, are in the state’s Phase 1A and are currently receiving vaccinations through a federal vaccination partnership with CVS and Walgreens pharmacies. People living and working in these facilities are being contacted by facility administrators to schedule their appointments.

Catawba County Public Health and both local hospital systems are currently providing the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine met all U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements, including testing for safety, before being approved for use. The vaccine has proven to be 95% effective in preventing COVID-19 infection and does not contain any COVID-19.

Catawba County Public Health and local hospitals are continuing to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to individuals identified in Phase 1A of the state’s rollout plan. This priority group includes frontline health care workers at most risk of direct exposure to COVID-19. People in this group who are eligible to receive the vaccine are being contacted by their employers to schedule their appointments.

Because the COVID-19 vaccine is currently available in limited supplies, the state’s rollout plan prioritizes vaccination for people who are highest risk of exposure or severe complications. As more vaccine is produced, the state’s plan will include more residents and involve more vaccination providers in phases.

As the plan progresses, Catawba County Public Health and other local vaccine providers will share information about when residents identified in each phase will be eligible to make appointments for vaccination and how those appointments can be made. Eventually, as more vaccine becomes available, everyone in Catawba County will have an opportunity to get vaccinated.

For comprehensive, current information about COVID-19 in Catawba County, visit the “Current COVID-19 Info” page at This page is updated daily.
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