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Committee Named For Morganton Comprehensive Plan Update

After an extensive selection process, 28 people have been selected to serve on the City of Morganton Comprehensive Plan Update Advisory Committee. The committee was appointed by the City Council on May 1, 2023.

The update to the City’s comprehensive plan, which has been given the name “IMAGINE Morganton 2040”, with the tagline of “Dream. Plan. ACT.” was created to help build the vision for the future of the City of Morganton.

To assist with the development of the update to the City’s comprehensive plan, an Advisory Committee of local individuals representing a vast variety of different community groups and interests has been formed. There are 29 proposed members, whose experiences and community involvement cover a multitude of areas including, business development, healthcare, education, industry, non-profits, state agencies tourism, planning and zoning, small business ownership and youth involvement. There are three local high school students on the committee to provide a youth perspective.

The Advisory Committee will play a critical role in the development of the comprehensive plan. The Committee will give input at key milestones throughout the planning process and will serve as an important connection to the larger Morganton community.

There will be five Advisory Committee meetings throughout the comprehensive plan development process, beginning with the first meeting planned for this Thursday (May 18).

The following people have been selected to serve.

• David Buchanan

• Alan Wood

• John Petty

• Thom Eure

• Alan Glines

• Cheryl Shuffler

• Pete Wallace

• Judy Francis

• Susan Berley

• Clint Lytle

• Keith Whitaker

• Nancy VanNoppen

• Tal Stephanides

• David Bennett

• Pat Nivanh

• Kim Logan

• Mo Schwind

• Ed Phillips

• Mark Patrick

• Adrianna Morris

• Marc Lowdermilk

• Greg McCabe

• Juliana Sic

• Joe Irvin

• Keith Suttles

• Cory Largent​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

• Malik Harris

• Christopher Pedro

• Jaycee Mull

[News release from the City of Morganton]