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City Of Lenoir To Offer Christmas Tree Pickup Next Week

City Of Lenoir To Offer Christmas Tree Pickup Next Week

The City of Lenoir offers lots of sanitation services for customers, including picking up Christmas trees. Residents can request many of those services on the City website,

The Sanitation Division provides weekly garbage collection, bulk and white goods pickup, yard waste collection, limbs and trimmings pickup, leaf collection, and Christmas tree pickup. The division also manages the City’s Recycling Center, located at 1121 Pennton Ave, Lenoir.

Curb-side Christmas tree pickup starts Monday (January 4). Residents are asked to place live Christmas trees behind the curb or ditch line so they don’t impede pedestrian or vehicle movement. Staff will collect trees through Friday January 8.

Since more folks are doing more things online these days, the City created several sanitation request forms on the the City website. Residents can request an additional garbage cart/extra weekly pickup or a bulk garbage collection. Customers get one free bulk pickup per month. They can also report a garbage cart issue or a missed collection, and they can request a white goods pickup on the website. There is a fee for an extra cart/weekly pickup and white goods collection.

For more information about the City’s sanitation services and to request a service via the website, visit the Garbage Collection page.