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Photo courtesy of City of Hickory

Changes Made To Hickory Leaf Pickup Schedule

Due to an earlier than expected leaf fall, along with continued staffing challenges and inclement weather, leaf pickup in the City of Hickory has been adjusted. The City of Hickory Solid Waste Division appreciates citizens’ patience as Public Works crews continue their efforts to complete the work and provide the highest levels of service.

A revised leaf collection schedule has been created to assist Hickory residents with determining a more accurate pickup timeframe. Here is the updated schedule. Leaf pickup in the Northwest A section of the city, which covers the city limits on the west, North Center Street on the east, north of Norfolk Southern Railroad and south of 12th Avenue NW (Geitner Road), 6th Street NW, and 16th Avenue NW has been completed.

In the Northwest B quadrant, which covers all of the city limits north of 12th Avenue NW (Geitner Road), 6th Street NW, 16th Avenue NW, and west of North Center Street, the first round has been completed. The second round is underway and is scheduled to wrap up this Friday, February 3.

In the Southeast and Southwest sections of the city the first round is complete and the second round of leaf collection will be taken care of February 6-10. In the Northeast quadrant the first round has been completed and the second round is scheduled for February 13-24.

Tips to make leaf collection run smoother throughout the City of Hickory:

•Check the leaf pickup schedule online at
•Rake all leaves to the curb by the quadrant’s first collection day. Trucks begin pickup in various areas of the quadrant to ensure efficient service. If leaves are placed to the curb after the first day, there is a risk that the leaves will not be collected during the scheduled time.
•Do not mow grass or blow leaves and other debris into the street, as it causes numerous issues.
•Keep leaves away from storm drains and out of the street to help prevent flooding and accidents during rain/snow/ice events.
•Never park your vehicle on a leaf pile. A hot exhaust system could catch the leaves on fire.
•Do not mix leaves with junk, trash, rocks, or brush (sticks), as this will damage equipment, delay collection, and potentially cause injury. Mixed piles may be deemed as contaminated and result in a specialized pickup and associated fees.
•Leaves in reusable, collapsible yard waste bags; clear plastic bags; or leaves in an easily handled open container, like a 32-gallon container marked Yard Waste, are collected weekly on citizens’ regular garbage day.
•Please remember bagged leaves and yard waste must be placed in reusable yard waste bags, clear plastic bags, or easily handled 32-gallon open container so crews can distinguish it from junk and garbage.
•Most importantly, please use extreme caution when operating motor vehicles in the vicinity of leaf collection crews. The safety of both residents and the leaf crews depend on it.
•Mulching and reusing leaves and grass around your yard as a mulch helps to reduce the need for additional chemical fertilizers for your plants and grass.

Citizens are reminded that the City of Hickory collects leaves and yard waste all year long if the material is placed in reusable yard waste bags, clear plastic bags or 32-gallon open containers marked Yard Waste. These materials are collected weekly on their regular garbage collection day.

Clear plastic bags will be available for free throughout leaf season at the City of Hickory’s Public Services Complex located at 1441 Ninth Avenue NE. One roll of clear plastic bags will be given per visit to Hickory citizens residing within City limits.

For questions regarding garbage, recycling, yard waste, or leaf collection in the City of Hickory, call 828-323-7500.