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Photo of intersection in Hildebran courtesy of Rob Eastwood, WHKY

Changes Made At Hildebran Intersection To Improve Safety

An intersection in Hildebran recently received improvements that will the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) says will reduce crashes and increase safety for drivers and pedestrians. NCDOT crews installed stop signs on South Center Street at the intersection of Main Avenue and Old State Highway 10. Drivers traveling between Interstate 40 and U.S. 70 will now stop on the roadway, along with drivers on Main Avenue and Old State Highway 10.

The low-cost project also includes installation of high-visibility crosswalks, additional pavement markings, and stop-ahead warning flashers that remain in a constant flashing mode to alert drivers. Contract crews are also upgrading sidewalk and curb ramps to ADA standards, with completion slated for the coming weeks. These upgrades, and a requirement for all vehicles to stop, provide safer accommodations for pedestrians.

A five-year study of the intersection revealed 18 reported crashes including one serious injury crash and one mild injury crash. NCDOT traffic engineers will continue to monitor this intersection to determine if additional improvements are necessary.

All-way stop installations across North Carolina have dramatically reduced the total number and severity of crashes across the state — saving lives and saving property. All-way stops have been shown to reduce total crashes by 68%, injury crashes by 77%, and frontal-impact crashes by 75%. The NCDOT has additional information about all-way stops online at their website

[News release from North Carolina Department of Transportation]