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Melissa Stewart

Challenge Of Judicial Candidacy Overruled

A five-member panel consisting of Iredell County and Alexander County Board of Elections members, conducted a hearing in regards to the candidacy of Melissa Stewart for the Office of NC District Court Judge. She’s running for District 32, Seat 3, and the hearing was held on Thursday (December 28).

The challenger, Cody James, alleged that Stewart’s permanent residence was not in Alexander County. It was alleged that Stewart is not a full-time resident of Alexander County and only stays at the residence in the county seven days a month. According to our news partner WACB in Taylorsville, Stewart responded by saying she is a lifelong resident of Alexander County and looked forward to defending herself.

Last Friday (December 22), the North Carolina State Board of Elections appointed a five member multi-county board of elections panel to conduct a hearing. The following members were appointed to the panel: Alan Carpenter, Ginky Torres, Jason Abernathy, and Jameka Hayes, all from the Iredell County Board of Elections and Nancy K. Sharpe from the Alexander County Board of Elections. The State Board selected Alan Carpenter to chair the panel.

After receiving evidence from the challenged candidate and the challenger, the five-member panel voted unanimously 5-0 to overrule the challenge. Melissa Stewart’s name will remain on the ballot for the office of NC District Court Judge District 32, Seat 3. The challenger or a candidate inversely affected by the panel’s decision may file an appeal to the NC State Board of Elections.

[Story and photos courtesy of Rick Gilbert, WACB]