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Catawba County Library Receives Federal Grant to Establish Cutting-Edge Oasis Spaces

In a significant boost to community resources, the Catawba County Library has secured a federal grant to introduce five state-of-the-art Oasis Spaces at the Main Library in Newton. These specialized soundproof office spaces, complete with high-quality video conferencing technology, will serve as havens for individuals seeking private environments for online education, telehealth consultations, employment endeavors, court proceedings, tutoring, and library programs.

Nicknamed Oasis Spaces, these fully enclosed booths boast three layers of soundproofing material, guaranteeing complete privacy for meetings, interviews, or counseling sessions. This project addresses a critical need for confidential spaces where individuals can engage in vital activities without fear of intrusion or disruption.

The library will feature two single booths, perfect for focused tasks, phone calls, or video conferencing. Additionally, three double booths will be available for group meetings and collaborative work sessions, each equipped with a computer, camera, and microphone to facilitate seamless teleconferencing. For users of the single booths, the library will provide access to laptop computers with teleconferencing capabilities.

Library Director, Siobhan Loendorf expressed her enthusiasm for the project, “Creating safe and conducive environments for personal and professional growth empowers our community to take control of their education and well-being.”

In tandem with this initiative, the library has forged key partnerships to further support the community. The library is partnering with NC Works to schedule a dedicated career counselor at the Main Library in Newton, offering an array of workforce development services, including workshops, resume writing, job-search assistance, interviewing tips, and career coaching. The library is also partnering with Kintegra Behavioral Health to promote the Oasis Spaces as an ideal location to use for telehealth visits. This partnership seeks to make mental health services more accessible and convenient for individuals and families in need.

The eagerly awaited Oasis Spaces are on track for installation and to be operational by mid to late October. This significant addition to library resources promises to offer the community a haven of tranquility, equipped with cutting-edge technology to cater to a range of activities.

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