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Catawba County Commissioners Meet, Multiple Items Approved

Catawba County Commissioners Meet, Multiple Items Approved

The Catawba County Board of Commissioners met in regular session Monday (October 5). Commissioners approved minutes from the Board’s regular meeting September 21.

The Finance and Personnel Subcommittee took action on three items from the consent agenda. They recommended that the board appropriate $76,200 of unspent Duke Energy/McGuire Nuclear Station grant funds received in FY2019/20 to support planning, exercises, equipment, & response actions at the McGuire Station.

The same subcommittee also recommended that commissioners authorize amendments to FY19/20 & 20/21 budgets to appropriate state and federal funding & grant dollars in support of the County’s COVID‐19 response, and establish two full time equivalent positions to support additional school health nurses.

That subcommittee also recommended that the board authorize the transfer of $438,600 in previously appropriated funds from existing capital projects into the Mountain Creek Park project to support construction of amenities. The consent agenda was then collectively approved by the board.

In the Manager’s Report a budget transfer was completed. The transfer took place from Contingency to Medical Supplies in order to supply each non-municipal agency providing medical first response services with $2,500 of PPE.