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Catawba County Commissioners Meet In Regular Session

Catawba County Commissioners Meet In Regular Session

The Catawba County Board of Commissioners met in regular session Monday (May 17). The board approved the consent agenda, which contained two items.

One of those items was a request from staff that Commissioners adopt the Project Budget Ordinance Amendment to appropriate interest earned in the amount of $662 for rehabilitation under the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency-URP-rehabilitation line.

The other item was a request from the Tax Administrator that the board approve 28 releases totaling $2,233.01, and 68 Motor Vehicles Bill adjustments/refunds totaling $6,209.20 requested during the month of April.

Hickory City Schools, Newton-Conover City Schools, and Catawba County Schools presented their plans for the Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund as part of the CARES Act. The Community Child Protection and Fatality Prevention Team presented their Annual Report to the board.

As part of the Attorney’s Report, a resolution was presented to approve the Memorandum of Agreement between the State and local governments on proceeds relating to the settlement of opioid litigation. Commissioners adopted the resolution.

Commissioners recognized County Attorney Debra Bechtel on her retirement after 25 years with Catawba County. Vice Chair Barbara Beatty presented a proclamation for Peace Officers’ Memorial Day and National Police Week to Chief Deputy Brian Kelly. Commissioner Sherry Butler presented a proclamation for Emergency Medical Services Week.

Vice-Chair Beatty recommended the reappointment of Guy Cline for a second term on the Catawba County Subdivision Review Board. These terms will expire May 17, 2023. The board approved the reappointment. Vice-Chair Beatty also recommended the appointment of Morgan Williams for a first full term and the reappointment of Carmen Isenhower for a second term on the Catawba County Library Board of Trustees. These terms will expire June 30, 2025. The board approved these appointments.

Chairman Randy Isenhower recommended the appointment of Jill Winters, Debra Dunn, Mark Bumgarner – first term & reappointment of Ronn Abernathy, Jennie Connor, Jennifer Mace, Sgt. Eric Page, and Brandi Tolbert to the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council. The board approved.