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Burn Ban in Place for Catawba County

Effective today (November 8), the Catawba County Fire Marshal’s Office has prohibited all open burning across the county, including burning within 100 feet of a dwelling. The ban applies to all open burning, regardless of whether a burning permit has been issued. The ban has been put in place to prevent the potential for increased wildfires due to extremely dry weather conditions in Catawba County.

The local burn ban follows a similar action taken today by the North Carolina Forest Service. Because of increased fire risk, the Forest Service has banned all open burning and canceled all burning permits for Catawba County. The issuance of new burning permits has also been suspended.

Open burning includes burning leaves, branches, and other plant material, in addition to the use of recreational fires, bonfires, and outdoor fireplaces. The ban does not apply to cooking fires such as gas, pellet, or charcoal grills, or outdoor cookers and smokers. In all cases, it is illegal to burn trash, lumber, tires, newspapers, plastics, or other non-vegetative materials.

The ban will remain in effect until further notice. Violations will result in a fine plus court costs.