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Photo courtesy of Burke County Sheriff's Office

Burke Sheriff’s Office Warns Public Regarding Check Scam

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning to the public regarding a scam. On Monday, May 6, the Sheriff’s Office was given information by a concerned citizen who had received a priority mail envelope that included a check and a letter with detailed instructions on how to cash the check and have a car sticker/wrap applied to the owner’s vehicle.

The check appears to be legitimate; however, it is part of the scam. The business in question is Adrenaline Shoc (ASHOC) Energy Drink, and the main topic of discussion is their Auto Sticker Campaign Program. The letter requests that the recipient deposit the check and wait for it to clear their bank account. It instructs the recipient to contact and pay the “sticker installer” a specific amount and keep the remainder of the money for the first week’s payment.

Photo courtesy of Burke County Sheriff’s Office

It further states that the campaign will last for 12 weeks, and at the end of the 12 weeks, the “company” will come and remove the stickers from your car, truck, or bike. The Sheriff’s Office has reached out to Accelerator Active Energy and confirmed this is a scam. Please be aware if you receive this type of mailing, do not follow the instructions in the letter.