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Burke County Skunk Tests Positive for Rabies

On December 3, Burke County Animal Enforcement received a call regarding a dog that attacked a skunk. The skunk was reported to be acting “strangely.” Animal Enforcement sent the skunk off for testing. Test results came back positive for rabies.

Animal Enforcement received another call on December 8 regarding a raccoon acting strangely and approaching people in an aggressive manner. The raccoon has been sent off for testing. Animal enforcement is currently awaiting results.

The infected skunk came from an area near East Burke Boulevard in Connelly Springs and the raccoon came from Brannock Road in Hickory. Those two locations are within five miles of each another.

Burke County Animal Enforcement Officers have canvassed the community to make residents aware, but Animal Services and the Burke County Health Department are working to notify all residents in the event that they or their pets have been in the area recently.

A rabies clinic will be held in the following weeks for owners who need to update their pets’ rabies vaccines. Follow the Burke County Animal Services Facebook page for more information.