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Robert Daniel Wofford
Courtesy of Burke County P2C website

Burke County Sex Offender Jailed On Charge Of Failure To Report Change Of Address

39-year-old Robert Daniel Wofford of Icard Rhodhiss Road in Connelly Springs was arrested Tuesday (January 16) by Burke County Sheriff’s Officers. He’s charged with felony failure to report a change of address as a sex offender.

Wofford is on the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry as a result of a conviction in Burke County in March of 2004. The North Carolina Department Of Adult Correction Offender Public Information website says Wofford was convicted of felony attempted sex offense as a substitute parent or custodian. The offense was committed in 2001 when Wofford was 16-years-old and the victim was 12-years-old.

Wofford received a prison sentence of 16 to 20 months following the conviction and was released from custody on January 18, 2007. Online records show that the suspect registered as a sex offender out of state for a minimum period of ten years.

Wofford was arrested shortly after 3:30 p.m. Tuesday at his Icard Rhodhiss Road residence and brought to the Burke County Jail where he was incarcerated under a 48-hour hold or until the first judge becomes available. He remained in jail as of earlier today (January 17). A District Court appearance was scheduled today.