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Burke County Public Health Reports Fraudulent Activity Targeting Patients

Burke County Public Health has been made aware of a recent increase in fraudulent communications targeting health department patients. Spammers are reaching out to individuals, claiming to provide test results, and disseminating false information.

A news release from the Burke County Sheriff’s Office says it is crucial for the public to be vigilant and informed about the proper channels for receiving test results from Burke County Public Health. That agency wants to emphasize that all official test results will be communicated directly during in-person consultations at their office. Patients are advised to be cautious of any alternative communication methods, such as email or text messages. Burke County Public Health only sends appointment reminders via text.

The news release says Burke County Public Health takes the privacy and well-being of its patients seriously and is actively working to address this issue. They urge patients to get their test results through official channels. Public Health will give individuals results directly through in-person consultations at their office.

If there is any doubt about the legitimacy of a communication claiming to be from the health department, individuals are encouraged to contact the health department directly to verify the information at (828)-764-9450. The news release also says that patients should be cautious about sharing personal information, such as social security numbers or financial details, through unsolicited communications.

Patients are also encouraged to report suspicious activity. If individuals encounter any suspicious communication, they should report it to Burke County Public Health immediately. Public Health is working closely with local authorities to investigate these incidents and take appropriate action against those responsible for spreading false information.