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Authorities Warn Of Scam Involving EBT Card Skimming

According to the North Carolina Department of Justice, card skimming thieves have recently been ramping up efforts to scam state residents through EBT card skimming and cloning. These criminals will obtain personal information by attaching a device to card readers that collect card numbers, PIN numbers, and even EBT card information. Scammers will then collect the skimming device to steal and clone people’s personal information and EBT card benefits.

To protect yourself from EBT card skimming, follow these tips: Go online regularly using the EBT Edge mobile app or by visiting, to check your account balance. Be on the lookout for errors or charges you don’t recognize. In addition, before using any card reader, check for alignment issues. Scammers will place a skimming device directly onto the actual card reader, so if it looks suspicious, it probably is.

If you suspect EBT card skimming, report it, freeze your EBT card immediately, and call the EBT Call Center at 1-888-622-7328 to request a new card. In addition, if you think you’ve been victimized, contact your local law enforcement agency, such as your local police department or sheriff’s department, and notify the merchant where the skimming occurred immediately.

[Photos courtesy of NCDOJ]