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Authorities Warn Citizens Of Large Check Fraud Operation

What authorities are describing as a “massive” check fraud operation is targeting individuals and businesses in the region and across the country, resulting in millions of dollars lost. According to a news release from the Statesville Police Department, their Criminal Investigations Division has seen a huge rise in mail theft recently. The police department has received multiple reports of larceny from mailboxes, identity theft, check and mail fraud.

Through their investigations, Statesville Police have determined that criminals are increasingly targeting U.S. Postal Service and personal mailboxes to steal filled-out checks, credit cards, and tax forms. The criminals sell the items over the internet using encrypted social media platforms and the black market. The buyers then alter the payee and amount listed on the checks to rob the victim’s bank account of thousands of dollars while stealing the victim’s identity.

The criminals are also depositing the stolen checks via mobile deposit or using a fake ID to cash the stolen check. They are also breaking into blue USPS boxes by using stolen or copied mailbox keys, which can also be purchased on the internet or through social media platforms.

To avoid the risk, The Statesville Police Department suggests that individuals take all letters containing checks or items with personal identifying information inside a local post office, ensuring they reach their intended destination.