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Authorities Report Tax Collection Scam

Authorities in Iredell County are warning property owners about reports of a scam threatening enforcement action. The Iredell County Tax Collector mailed tax bills to Iredell County property owners on August 4. Most taxpayers should receive their bill or bills this week.

Around the same time an unknown scammer mailed a fraudulent “Notice of Tax Lien” to some property owners in Iredell County. According to reports, the notice falsely states that the recipient is required to call a number by August 18 to avoid enforcement action. The number listed is 1-855-200-0716, which is a known scammer number. The PIN number listed is false.

The creditor is listed as the “Federal Taxing Authorities,” this is also a false claim.
County officials tell property owners to disregard this notice.

Officials said in a news release, “Do not call this number. Do not send funds to these scammers. If you are concerned that your Iredell County Tax bill may not be legitimate, call the Iredell County Tax Collectors Office at 704-878-3020.”