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Authorities In Alexander County Arrest Several Suspects In Drug Round-Up

On Wednesday (February 8) the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office, Taylorsville Police Department, and State Bureau of Investigation announced a drug round-up throughout the county. The initiative, entitled “Operation County Wide” was a joint operation dealing mainly with methamphetamine, however other drugs were seized as well.

The operation was conducted over the last several months. North Carolina Probation and Parole assisted in the arrest of the suspects. As a result of “Operation County Wide” more than one pound of meth was seized, in addition to other types of controlled substances and firearms.

The following suspects were arrested and charged with various drug offenses. Michael Eugene Teague, Leslie Ann Austin, Jason Tyler Dover, Dakota Lee Deal, Nikki Tonya Horton, Will Donovan Loudermelk, Derrick James Lowe, and Ronnie William McCurdy, all of Taylorsville, Tabitha Dawn Morrison and Marshall Gordon Campbell of Stony Point, and Randy Beard and Roger Thomas Hamby of Hiddenite.

The suspects were all charged with drug counts and received varying bond amounts. There were other suspects arrested during the round-up on non drug-related offenses. The investigation is continuing and more arrests are anticipated.