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Arndt Middle School Evacuated After Receiving Threat
the scene today at H.M. Arndt Middle School
photo by WHKY's Fentress Fountain

Arndt Middle School Evacuated after Receiving Threat

At about 10:25 this morning (May 4), Arndt Middle School’s administration received notification of a possible threat on social media. Law enforcement was immediately called and safety protocols were enacted. The school was evacuated and searched by law enforcement.

As of 12:25 p.m., the building was cleared after nothing of a threatening nature was found. Students and staff re-entered at that time and classes resumed as normal. Law enforcement was expected to maintain an increased presence at Arndt through the remainder of the day as the investigation continued.

Threats to schools are felony crimes. Persons making threats to schools will be prosecuted. Anyone making a threat to a school, even in a joking manner, should expect a swift response from authorities. Maximum enforcement measures will be taken.