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Area Soil & Water Conservation District To Receive Funds

The Alexander Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) will be receiving funds to address water quality issues through the North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program for the 2023-2024 program year. These program dollars are allocated from the state to address non-point source pollution from agricultural activities.

The funding is available to assist farmers in the installation of conservation practices which help decrease the amount of sediment, animal waste, nutrients, chemicals, and other potential pollutants from entering the surface and ground waters of the state. Landowners and operators that were in agricultural production prior to July 2020 may apply for cost share assistance to install Best Management Practices (BMPs) on their farm.

These BMPs include: sediment & erosion control, streambank stabilization, stream debris removal, litter storage structures, poultry composting facilities, livestock exclusion from streams in conjunction with alternative watering systems, stocktrails and heavy-use areas for livestock in confined areas, and other practices that benefit water quality.

The Alexander SWCD office will be accepting applications through July 31. At the end of this sign-up period, all applications will be prioritized according to a locally adopted ranking process based on water quality parameters. The applications providing the most water quality benefits will be approved for funding in priority order. Contact the staff at the Alexander Soil and Water Office and they will be glad to assist you with the application process or any other conservation needs you may have.

If you would like more information on our programs or wish to apply for funding, stop by and visit the Alexander SWCD office located in the Alexander County Services Center at 151 West Main Avenue in Taylorsville or call (828) 632-0638.

[Story courtesy of Rick Gilbert, WACB]