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Area Law Enforcement Agency Reports Increase In Business Break-ins

The Statesville Police Department has observed an increase in commercial breaking and entering cases over the past two weeks. Investigators are working to determine if there are any connections among these cases. Since January, the department has responded to 38 incidents of commercial breaking and entering, with seven of those incidents occurring in the last two weeks.

In response, the Statesville Police Department has increased directed patrols and they have been conducting business checks during nighttime hours to deter potential criminal activity. Additionally, the department’s Crime Prevention Officer will be available to meet with business owners to provide feedback and suggestions on how to better equip their establishments against burglaries.

In a news release, Statesville Police offered the following recommendations for protecting businesses against burglaries: Install an alarm system and post warnings in clear view that the business is equipped with an alarm system. Install security cameras; opt for cameras with a battery backup to ensure continuous surveillance.
Increase lighting and add motion detection lights.

Secure all entry points when leaving the building and ensure that windows are securely locked. Install heavy duty deadbolts and reinforce door jams. Evaluate landscaping and outdoor features to ensure that landscaping does not provide cover for criminals. Remove expensive items from display windows. Always remove cash from registers overnight.

The Statesville Police Department urges all business owners and employees to remain alert. If you see something suspicious, do not hesitate to report it to the Statesville Police Department at 704-878-3406.