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Tomas Brooker
Tomas Brooker won the 184-pound title at the Battle for The Citadel tournament.
photo courtesy of Appalachian State Athletics

Appalachian State Wrestler Brooker Wins 184-Pound Title at Battle for The Citadel

After making his Division I wrestling debut Friday in a dual start against NC State, App State true freshman Tomas Brooker won the 184-pound title at the Battle for The Citadel tournament by going 4-0 on Sunday.

Brooker used a third-period takedown to win a 5-2 decision against teammate Hunter Adams in an all-App State final. Adams, who had a 3-1 record Sunday, and Noah Luna, who went 2-1 at 125 pounds, were both finalists.

Chad Bellis (3-1 at 125 pounds), Kaden Keiser (4-1 at 141) and Jeremiah Price (4-1 at 149) were third-place finishers. Ike Byers placed fourth at 141 with a 4-2 mark.

Brooker opened the event with a 10-3 decision against top-seeded George Mason wrestler Malachi DuVall, who went 24-12 last season. Their match was tied at 2-all before a final-minute flurry that included two takedowns and a two-point near fall from Brooker.

App State returns to action Saturday by hosting the Mountaineer Invitational in Varsity Gym.

125: Chad Bellis Result Score/Time
Blaine Frazier, Indiana W, MD 16-6
Jack Maida, American L, Dec 12-7
Ben Monn, George Mason W, MD 12-3
Desmond Pleasant, Drexel W, Fall 2:41

125: Noah Luna Result Score/Time
Shamil Kalmatov, American W, MD 11-0
Desmond Pleasant, Drexel W, Dec 8-2
Jack Maida, American L, Fall 2:46

133: Ethan Shell Result Score/Time
George Rosas, The Citadel L, MD 13-1

141: Aldo Hernandez Result Score/Time
Brayton Killiri, The Citadel W, MD 16-6
Jordan Soriano, Drexel L, TF 17-1
Gabe Onorato, Drexel L, TF 19-1

141: Heath Gonyer Result Score/Time
Thomas Termini, The Citadel W, TF 19-3
Ethan Renagar, George Mason W, Dec 2-1 (TB-2)
Jordan Soriano, Drexel L, Dec 11-7
Ike Byers, App State L, Dec 4-2

141: Ike Byers Result Score/Time
Dominic Hargrove, George Mason W, Dec 5-3
Danny Fongaro, Indiana L, Fall 2:56
Thomas Termini, The Citadel W, TF 19-4
Jacob Silka, The Citadel W, Dec 8-6
Heath Gonyer, App State W, Dec 4-2
Kaden Keiser, App State L, Dec 4-1

141: Kaden Keiser Result Score/Time
Michael Rapuano, George Mason W, TF 20-5
Jacob Silka, The Citadel W, MD 18-5
Danny Fongaro, Indiana L, Dec 4-2
Gabe Onorato, Drexel W, Dec 5-0
Ike Byers, App State W, Dec 4-1

149: Jeremiah Price Result Score/Time
Joe Clement, The Citadel W, Fall 3:40
Anthony Bahl, Indiana W, MD 13-4
Kaden Cassidy, George Mason L, Dec 11-9
Jeffrey Boyd, The Citadel W, MD 10-2
Dominic Findora, Drexel W, Dec 5-0

157: Anthony Conetta Result Score/Time
Loranzo Rajaonarivelo, GMU L, Dec 4-2
Thomas Snipes, The Citadel L, Dec 8-2

165: Alex Hopper Result Score/Time
Tyler Lillard, Indiana L, TF 21-5
Aiden Lenz, The Citadel L, Dec 10-4

165: Drake Acklin Result Score/Time
Justin Hayes, The Citadel W, TF 17-2
Nick South, Indiana W, Dec 9-6
Tyler Lillard, Indiana L, Dec 4-1
Evan Maag, George Mason L, Fall 6:37

165: Jayden Dobeck Result Score/Time
Aiden Lenz, The Citadel W, Dec 5-0
Tyler Lillard, Indiana L, TF 19-1
Nicholas Grizales, App State L, Dec 5-4

165: Nicholas Grizales Result Score/Time
Benjy Haubert, The Citadel L, MD 12-2
Jayden Dobeck, App State W, Dec 5-4
Oren Bost, App State L, Dec 8-1

165: Oren Bost Result Score/Time
Robert Major, Indiana L, Dec 10-6
Ryan Dufflemeyer, The Citadel W, TF 15-0
Nick South, Indiana W, Dec 4-2
Nicholas Grizales, App State W, Dec 8-1
Benjy Haubert, The Citadel L, Dec 7-3

174: Logan Eller Result Score/Time
Brodie Porter, The Citadel W, Dec 10-9
Paul Pierce, George Mason L, MD 9-0
Nick Foster, George Mason W, Dec 5-1
Sean Coughlin, George Mason L, MD 10-2

184: Dalton Battle Result Score/Time
Adam Ortega, The Citadel W. Dec 5-2
Tomas Brooker, App State L, Dec 4-2
Roman Rogotzke, Indiana L, Fall 1:28

184: Hunter Adams Result Score/Time
Nathan Lapinski, Drexel W, Dec 5-0
Roman Rogotzke, Indiana W, Dec 6-3
Connor Bourne, American W, MF
Tomas Brooker, App State L, Dec 5-2

184: Joe Zovistoski Result Score/Time
Roy Price, The Citadel W, Fall 5:51
Connor Bourne, American L, Dec 2-1
Roman Rogotzke, Indiana L, Fall 4:39

184: Tomas Brooker Result Score/Time
Malachi DuVall, George Mason W, Dec 10-3
Justin Griffith, Drexel W, Dec 5-1
Dalton Battle, App State W, Dec 4-2
Hunter Adams, App State W, Dec 5-2

197: Gunnar Pool Result Score/Time
Gabe Sollars, Indiana L, Fall 4:22
Carsten Rawls, American L, Dec 4-2

Hwt: James Bankston Result Score/Time
Ben Stemmet, The Citadel L, Dec 4-2
Levi Andrews, App State L, Dec 3-1

Hwt: Levi Andrews Result Score/Time
William Jarrell, American L, Fall 3:39
James Bankston, App State W, Dec 3-1
Emmanuel Ulrich, American L, Dec 9-4