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Ashley Suanne Lockard
courtesy of Catawba Co. Sheriff's Office

Absconder from Probation Arrested in Catawba County

27-year-old Ashley Suanne Lockard of Granny’s Lane in King, North Carolina has been arrested by Probation & Parole Officers in Catawba County for possession of a stolen motor vehicle, misdemeanor larceny, and a felony probation violation.

Lockard is on probation as the result of a March 2023 conviction in Henderson County on two counts of second-degree burglary and one count of escape from jail. She was serving a 24-month suspended sentence. She had been listed as an absconder from probation.

Following her arrest, Lockard was jailed today (July 5) in the Catawba County Detention Facility with bond set at $26,750. District Court appearances were scheduled tomorrow and on August 23 with a Superior Court date coming up this Friday in Newton.