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2022 Primary Election Results: Final

2022 Primary Election Results: Final

Election results for selected contests in Hickory Metro

(**indicates winner(s) of race)

Mayor — City of Hickory (top two advance)

Final Tally – 21 of 21 Precincts Reporting

**Hank Guess   75.26%
**Al Hoover       12.66%
Quentae Hill      12.08%

Catawba County Commissioner — Republican (top three advance)

Final Tally – 40 of 40 Precincts Reporting

**Randy Isenhower        26.45%
**Robert Abernethy, Jr. 22.99%
**Cole Setzer                    22.38%
Sherry Butler                   16.74%
Ronn Abernathy             11.44%

No commissioner candidates are running in the primary on the Democratic side, one Democrat candidate filed for November.

Catawba County Clerk of Court – Republican Primary (No Democrat running in November)

Final Tally- 40 of 40 Precincts Reporting

**Kim Richards Sigmon  62.29%
Patty Cook                          37.71%

N.C. House District 89

19 of 19 Precincts Reporting – Republican Primary (No Democrat Running In November)

**Mitchell Smith Setzer  57.18%
Kelli Weaver Moore         31.27%
Benjamin Devine              11.56%

Catawba County Voter Turnout- 17.85%

Burke County Sheriff-Republican Primary (No Democrat Running in November)

Final Tally – 33 of 33 Precincts Reporting

**Banks Hinceman 63.05%
Richard Epley      36.95%

Burke County Voter Turnout- 22.49%

Caldwell County Voter Turnout- 16.54% (with 16 of 18 precincts reporting)

Alexander County Voter Turnout- 17.70%