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16 Flu-Related Deaths Reported in Catawba County

Catawba County has seen a dramatic increase in flu deaths this season, especially over the past week. So far this flu season, Catawba County Public Health has received 16 reports of flu-related deaths involving Catawba County residents, more than triple the typical number. The death toll is the highest in over a decade.

In a typical flu season, deaths are most likely to occur in the older adult population. Nearly all of Catawba County’s deaths this year have been adults over age 65. Other groups at greater risk of severe symptoms or death include people who have underlying medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or lung disease; people who have weakened immune systems; very young children; and women who are pregnant.

Public Health is urging individuals to protect themselves, their loved ones, and neighbors to help prevent additional deaths. For people who wish to obtain a flu shot at Catawba County Public Health, appointments must be made by calling 828-695-5881.