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12 Lincoln County Students Face Charges Following Senior Prank

On May 25, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies charged 12 students with trespassing. The students allegedly broke into North Lincoln High School in the late evening hours on May 22. School officials say the incident was part of a senior prank.

School officials also said they had previously advised all students that they would not be allowed to enter the school during an event at the school. Students were also advised that criminal activity would not be allowed to pass as a prank. After entering the school, the students reportedly ransacked a number of classrooms and offices and painted vulgarities on interior walls.

Deputies and school officials identified 12 students involved. They have been charged at the request of the school system. Eight students, who are 18-years-old, were charged as adults. They were each charged with misdemeanor first-degree trespassing. They are:

· Quinton Cook,
· Seth Patrick,
· Skyler Sifford,
· Jaiden Sellers,
· Gage Servoss,
· Alexander Jones,
· Luke Walker, and
· Jacob Smith.

They will appear in District Court on June 16. The investigation is ongoing. Additional charges may be forthcoming.